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Sliding Door

Product Description

Sliding doors are new generation doors which allow to add exceptional edge to your building’s inner and outer look. modern technology and state of the art designs is used for easy to use functionality. Specialty of this door is it opens up to very wide space unlike traditional doors which have very limited opening. These doors have multiple panels which sliding upon one another when opened, all stacking away on each-other.

  1. Mosquito Shutter

  2. Aluminum Mosquito Net

  3. S.S. 316 Mosquito Net

  4. 165 / 195 M.M. SinglePoint Locking System

  5. 165 / 195 M.M. MultiPoint Locking System

  6. Anti-Dust Device

  7. 5 M.M. Single Glass

  8. DGU Toughen Glass

  9. EPDM Gasket

  10. Available series : 29 M.M. / 37 M.M.

  11. Warm-edge spacer system improves window seal and keeps edge of glass temperature consistent.

  12. Contemporary styling with horizontally moving sash.

  13. Applicable for medium grade real estate project.

Openable Door