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Openable Door

Openable Door

Openable doors are new generation doors which allow to add exceptional edge to your building’s inner and outer look. Modern technology and state of the art designs is used for easy to use functionality.

  1. Openable Door
  2. SinglePoint Locking System
  3. MultiPoint Locking System
  4. Single Glass
  5. DGU Toughen Glass
  6. EPDM Gasket
  7. Light and smoothly sliding doors with the advantage of large glass panels
  8. Available in all standard RAL colours.
  9. Very easy and stylish opening and closing.
  10. These doors are completely all-weather fit.


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Kerai Impex is an import export company in kachchh working in this business since last 10 long years. We are proudly known as one of the most trusted import export company for valuable aluminum products.

Main Road, Sukhpar
Ta. Bhuj, Kutch
Vinod Kerai: +91 94284 73110
Nayan Hirani: +91 63552 82298
Email: info@keraiimpex.com